Monthly Photo

Interesting picture of a spider in her web.


Taken at night, f5.6, 1/90 of a second, ISO 800 using the built-in flash. I was under the web shooting up into the sky.  I did use Photoshop to make a few minor adjustments to the exposure since I took about 12 photos and none were perfect as I saw them.




I thought for the first photo I would use the “Blue Moon” of August 31, 2012.  The Blue moon is not really blue, just the second full moon in 1 month. It is rare and won’t be seen again until 2015.

To take a picture of the moon, just set your camera on a sturdy camera support (in my case a tripod for this picture) and then leave it in the program mode and snap away. I use a remote to avoid any camera shake but it is not a long time exposure like stars so the program mode works just fine. I used a 300 mm lens at 300 mm ISO was 250, f-stop was 9.5 at 1/500 sec. and to get it a little darker I used a -2 exposure compensation but this last was my own preference.



Of course it is cool what you can do with photoshop also.


Just a hint of blue.

This picture was taken with the same settings as the first one without the -2 exposure compensation.




I have to apologize for the lack of pictures in the weekly photo section. Between Sandy, illness and taking classes for re-certifications in Microsoft I have not had as much time as I would like for my photography.  For now I am changing it to a monthly section until things get a little more normal.






Winter Playtime

Here is a picture of children and adults enjoying the first good snow of 2013.



ISO 400 F11 at 1/200, no other compensation but I did use a polarizing filter which gave it the real green and blues.

I used spot metering on a dark area to stop the snow from creating a very dark image. In some other pictures I used a + 2 exposure compensation. Either works well.




My son the daredevil



ISO 200, F4 , 1/500 same polarizing filter.




Finally got up the nerve to drive down the coast of New Jersey this past weekend. Very sorry I did. Many places I knew as a child and young adult are now gone. I spent countless hours at the Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights Boardwalks which are now, for the most part, gone. I will not take pictures of the destroyed houses that are so many peoples lives that are now shattered but I did take a picture of the Rollercoaster that was part of Casino Pier, that is now in the Atlantic Ocean.  I just heard that the owners will begin removal in the next week to 10 days.  Here are 4 versions. The first is as shot from the camera the other 3 are with various HDR settings used.




The pier and boardwalk are also gone or almost gone. I was standing on a cement walkway that should have been between two arcades and food establishments and the boardwalk SHOULD have been right in front of me.  They weren’t.


Casino Pier from the same location.

The cables in the first picture are the cables from the cablecar ride that went from Casino Pier to the north.